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Lago di Como


Lake Como, measuring 146 km is the third largest lake after Lake Garda and Verbano. It is characteristically shaped in an up-side-down ‘Y' with three points: north is Colico, Lecco is south east, Como is south west, with a city spreading out in 170 km. The longest length is from Como to Gera Lario, 50 km; the widest breath is between Fiumelatte and Cadenabbia, 4,4 km; the shortest breath is between Careno and Torriggia, 650 m; the deepest point in the lake is between Argegno and Nesso measures 410m ( the deepest of all European lakes); the lakes' height above sea level 199 m. The lake is surrounded by mountains, the highest being Monte Legnone (2609 m), above Colico. There are 37 rivers running into the lake, of which the most important being the ‘Adda', followed by the ‘Mera'. The Adda river is the only that leaves the lake; flowing out at Lecco and after running through the smaller lakes of Garlate and Olginate, continuing in the direction of the Po (the largest river in Italy). There is only one island on the lake called ‘Isola Comacina', situated in the Como leg, in front of the town Sala Comacina.