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Lignano lies on a peninsula shaped by the mouth of the Tagliamento river and by the ancient net of the Adriatic streams, between the open sea and the Lagoon of Marano, along the northern shore of the Venice Gulf.

8 kilometers of thinnest sand right in between the sea and the thick pine-wood, which covers almost the whole peninsula. Typical Adriatic beach, with a fine, golden sand, the beach of Lignano extends for about 8 km. (from the mouth of the Tagliamento river to the harbour of "Terra-Mare" which opens onto the lagoon) and has a depth which varies from a minimum of about 80 meters to a maximum of 150 meters.

Entrance to the beach is free. The 60 hectares of beach, supplied with beach cabanas, beach-beds, deck-chairs and sun umbrellas, offer a wide range of facilities at different prices for the beach equipment rental. In Lignano Sabbiadoro exist tracts of free beach where (and only in these areas) it is possible to set up private beach equipment (that must be removed in the evening).

Our guests have at their disposal cold and hot showers. (The latter can be used upon purchase of counters). To reach the beach-line from the beach-office there are some ways which are made easier to meet the needs of disabled persons and of mothers with their push-chairs.

Gymnastic and entertainment activities are organised for grown-ups and children along the whole beach. The Beach Arena (beach of Sabbiadoro) a metallic construction with about 3.000 seats is the theatre for important, international, sports events and evening shows.