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Abano Terme


Abano Terme is the oldest and most important spa in Europe. Delightfully sighted at the foot of the Euganean Hills it is right in the centre of the region of Veneto.

Abano's climate is mild for most of the year with an annual average temperature of 14C. It is usually sunny and it rainsmore often during Autumn and Spring. The city where nowadays about 18,000 people live has developed along the Viale delle Terme, the main road that links the city's historical area to the thermal one, where there are the hot springs of Montirone and the oldest spa hotels: Todeschini, Orologio and Trieste Victoria. As a visitor you will be struck by the elegance of the city: its new buildings surrounded by public and private gardens, colourful flower beds, squares, fountains, parks, and wide streets. All of which make it a city-garden.

In the centre there is an elegant pedestrian precinct in which stand some of the main hotels, the most exclusive shops, the public gardens, the "Kursaal" concert room and the Conference Theatre. Other interesting areas of Abano are the neighbourhoods which surround the square of Christopher Columbus embellished by the fountain dedicated to the Genoese sailor who discovered America. Then there is the historical centre of Abano where the church of St. Lorenzo, the town Hall and the new public library all stand. The district spreads over an area of 21,57 square kilometres, mostly plain, about 14 metres above sea level, with the exception of a few hills such as Monte San Daniele topped by the monastery of Benedictine nuns which can be easily reached on foot from the thermal bath area, and "Monte Ortone" where on the sloping hill stands the town of Monteortone, built around the "Santuario della Madonna". In this area the other towns furthest from the city centre: are Monterosso, Feriole and Giarre.